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EDGE Inventory

Emergency moving can be stressful.....

EDGE iNventory Is Here For You!

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What happens to all your personal belongings after emergency loss in your home or business?

Moving with Care


  • EDGE Inventory will inventory, pack & move all your personal belongings out of damaged home or business and into climate control storage until your home or business is rebuilt. 

  • With cloud based technology, our inventory specialist will take inventory of all your damaged personal property and put together a total loss list with photo recognition for your insurance company to help pay you out on your claim.  

  •  When it's time to move back into your new rebuilt home or business. EDGE Inventory will  move everything back in, unpack & setup all your belongings. 

Our Mission


With the most empathy & sympathy, it's our mission is to help move you out of your home or business in an emergency situation with the least amount of stress as possible. 

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We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. To get a free quote, to arrange your emergency move, or if you have questions or special requests, just drop us a line. We look forward to serving you

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